Michael Reeves

Consultant to the Ballroom Dance Business

I’m a business consultant based in San Francisco, specializing in the ballroom dance industry. I advise the owners and managers of dance studios on how to fully develop their own profitable, sustainable, and satisfying businesses.

Early in my career, I learned that there is a lot more to the dance business than dancing itself. To be successful, one must be committed to building a positive, friendly, and innovative environment for clients and employees. My definition of a successful business is one that is both financially rewarding, and personally fulfilling.

If you are interested in a consultation, I can be reached by email at michael@michaelreeves.net, or by phone at (415) 225-7986.

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Services and Experience

I help my clients do the following:

My professional experience:


Wayne Eng

“Michael headed my management training team at Dance Camp in Las Vegas for several years. His energy, enthusiasm and dedication to projects always created a friendly, productive environment for studio owners and managers in attendance. In the past 25 years Michael owned and managed successful studios by following basic but essential guidelines: “belief in product, maintaining consistentancy and comprehending needs and concerns of students and staff.” With his charismatic nature, management and staff will find Michael's consultation enlightening and definitely worthwhile. ”

Wayne Eng
Owner & President, Dance Vision
Las Vegas, Nevada
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Carolina Orlovsky-Telona and Felipe Telona Jr.

“Michael Reeves has been in our lives since 2008 and it has been a true privilege to know him, work with, and learn from him. He has the innate talent to bring out the very best in people and to make them want to strive to be their very best. Michael has gifts that can not be taught they are simply a part of who he has become. He has become a man who can look into somebody and see them, know what they want, and then say exactly what they need to hear in the moment from the most compassionate place in his heart. Michael has taught Felipe and I some incredibly important entrepreneurial skills that we implement daily in our lives, and in our business lives as well. He is a lover of dance, the arts, music, but most importantly he is a lover of the human race, and he comes with our very highest of recommendations.”

Carolina Orlovsky-Telona and Felipe Telona Jr.
Owners, CNF Dance Inc.
Los Angeles, California

“Michael Reeves knows the dance “BUSINESS” – During World Promotions’ 25 year journey to become the largest organizer of Ballroom events, Michael has remained, not only a friend but also one of the few businessmen we communicate with for sound judgment and uncluttered advice. Michael shares our passion for dance and what is does for people; it is his determination to pass this to others which makes him that “one in a million trainer.” In the end, results decide whether a business is successful or not – And whenever we have worked with Michael we have achieved the goals we sought.”

Andrew Smart
President, World Promotions, Inc.
Bradenton, Florida
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